Brain Drained

I couldn’t find any inspiration, but I have the compulsion to write. Most of the time, words are just right on top of my head. But this time, there was nothing. Must be brain dead! It may very well be an effect of the things I had to endure these past couple days. Whoah!

And so before the week day ends, I’d like to keep concerned friends and bloggers posted — that I can keep my job for now! I was called by the Director earlier and I was given a verbal warning for my so called oral aggression. I guess, that’s fine! I do realized that I scared the living day light of my boss. And it maybe proper that I get some sort of discipline for doing so. Another spanking, why not?

So to revitalize my defunctional brain, I may as well take another week end retreat. We’ve decided to take another roadtrip and enjoy what’s left of summer. South Lake Tahoe, here I come!



  1. abbyG. · August 18, 2007

    hey, where’s the photo from? this was probably taken in times square’s station. i have a shot similar to it, pero “Do It” nakalagay. 🙂

  2. sardonicnell · August 18, 2007

    hello, abby! yup, this pic was taken in nyc. that’s all i know eh, since it’s my friend sergei to took this on one of his vacation. marami po bang mga signs na ganito sa subway stations? just wondering why this sign says “im tired” instead of something motivational =)

  3. eric aka senor enrique · August 20, 2007

    This might be the walkway connection from the 6th Avenue BMT line to the No.7 trains to Flushing, Queens.

    Bring us back some pics from your South Lake Tahoe trip!

  4. sardonicnell · August 20, 2007

    thanks eric! have no idea where this pic was taken except for nyc, hehehe. i will definitely post south lake tahoe pix later. i really had lots of fun on this roadtrip =)

  5. cheh · August 20, 2007

    That’s very interesting sign.Here,you can only find some useless ads,grafitti,s2pid vandalism which contains f & S words in it lol

  6. sardonicnell · August 20, 2007

    hello che! there are some few ads or graffiti that does serve a purpose and not just vandals. although, there’s more vandals than there is art. thanks for the visit =)

  7. cee cee · August 21, 2007

    this is good news, friend. any interviews lined up? good luck to you.

  8. sardonicnell · August 21, 2007

    i do have two next week, cee cee. about lunch time, so i’m taking off tuesday for this two. wish me luck!

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