A Much Needed Recess

After a huge debate at work and filing a formal complaint with the HR Department. I decided to take a break from all the negative vibes surrounding me (no one dared stopping me this time). The aura in the office has turned bleak lately and I wasn’t ready to face another feud or even argue. My mind is empty and my heart filled with contempt and devilry. I needed some time to free myself and unburden my soul from all this hatred.

I took a day off from what seems to be a crazy and ugly situation. I needed a break, a much needed recess. I waived a white flag in the air, I’m calling for time out. And so I grabbed my overnight bag and drove myself to the nearest place I’d find solace, the ocean. For reasons beyond my understanding, water draws a calming effect on me. It’s like I’m in my own little world, protected and far from all hostility and people who knows nothing except inflict harm and foulness.

And for a day, with heaven’s wonders right in front of me. I let the wind blew my worries, my pain and my evil thoughts. I touched the crystal blue waters, soaked my feet and let it washed away my misery. I took deep breaths and exhaled all my apprehensions. I cried and then laughed about my troubles. I felt better, much much better. God was with me that very moment. He blessed me with inner peace and then gave me that warm embrace I needed so badly.

I stayed a couple more hours and watched the sun as it sets on the horizon. And after that, I walked back to my car and drove back to the real world. Whatever is out there waiting for me, be it big or small. With God on my side, I am ready to face it —headfirst!



  1. abby · August 15, 2007

    damang-dama ko galit at pighati mo, arnelli! 😀

    you’re taking me there too, when i visit right? 🙂

  2. sardonicnell · August 15, 2007

    thanks, abby! i’m feeling much better now and i even went back to work yesterday. play deadma ako syempre, hehehe =)

    ay oo naman po, just let me know when you’re coming and i’ll bring you guys to these place at kong saan saan pa. God bless and good luck to us!

  3. Meeya · August 15, 2007

    ang ganda naman. earlier today, i needed a break too and these pictures (pictures pa lang!) did the trick. thanks. i can imagine the feeling lalo of being right there 🙂

    glad you’re feeling better 🙂

  4. thess · August 15, 2007

    uy, sama ako sa inyo ni ms. abby! ha ha!

    Nell, parang paraiso naman yan…how nice!! I love the gradiant colors of sky and water…nice shots!

    nakita mo sa flickr, kinantahan ka ni Anthony Alonzo!! posted on the 2nd to the last image above 😉

  5. sardonicnell · August 15, 2007

    thanks for the kind words, meeya! visiting bodega bay and point reyes made my day, took my worries and anger away. glad your feeling better, too. kaya drive na with the family! it’s not too far. an hour away or less pa nga from sfo. and the view is way better than the pix!

    thanks to you, too, sister thess! eka nga nila, muntik ng maabot ang langit. hehehe! from point reyes lighthouse eh hawak kamay na ang mga ulap. at nakita ko nga ang kanta na sinasabi mo, malayo layo nga ang tingin ko sa pix. hehehe! sis, if you’re ever in town. let me know at rarampa tayo. would love to show around. tara na!

  6. munchkinmommy · August 16, 2007

    nell, inggit ako! una, you have access to such beauty and second, you take such great photos! i’m glad you felt better after feasting your eyes and actually being one with nature’s beauty. 😀 huway mo na lang pansinin ang mga nagpapagalit sayo…hayaan mong sila na lang ang pangit! hee hee! 😀

  7. sardonicnell · August 16, 2007

    thank you, munchkinmommy! just fortunate the coast is not too far from where i live. it was very calming to be around such beauty. nawala ang galit ko sa loka lokang boss ko, hehehe! ngayon eh inis nalang sya, hahaha. why not visit us here in northern cali, it’s nice this time of the year =)

    ps: our own munchkin would be attending K1 soon, any advice or last minute instructions? that would be much appreciated. God bless!

  8. cee cee · August 16, 2007

    im glad you were able to breathe a little. don’t worry friend, things will get better. love u!

  9. sardonicnell · August 16, 2007

    much better, cee cee! im really feeling better now. hopefully, i get to hear from the HR this week or next. love yah too =)

  10. banggigay · August 17, 2007

    uy anovah? buti naman and ur cool now. and oh my! do i envy those shots?? US visa please…lamyerda galore kme ni nel! woohoo! 🙂

  11. sardonicnell · August 17, 2007

    thanks, bangge! glad you like the pix. kelan ka ba punta dito? at ng makalamyerda tayo, hehehe =)

    ok ok na po ako, nawala na ang galit sa katawan. hintay nalang ako ng hatol, hahaha!

  12. munchkinmommy · August 21, 2007

    hi nell! is your munchkin going to school for the first time? if yes, i think having him/her visit the school and meet his teacher might help lessen the stress that the first day of school brings. there may be some crying which will melt your heart and start you crying as well but you have to be brave and strong. hee hee. but if it’s not the child’s first time to go to school, there shouldn’t be too much stress for everyone concerned. good luck! 😉

  13. munchkinmommy · August 21, 2007

    oh, i forgot to thank you for your invitation! sige ka, baka bigla kitang puntahan jan! hee hee. 😀 we’re looking at going to cali for the christmas holidays. i’m crossing my fingers and hoping that it will push through. and maybe, just maybe, puwede tayong magkape. haha! 😉

  14. sardonicnell · August 21, 2007

    hello munchkinmommy! thanks for the kind advice. it will be my “chum chums” (as i call him) first day of school. i’ll try calling the teacher and see if we can come by and visit before school starts. just concerned that he’ll cry and start looking for us after we leave. and you know those bullies in school, that’s also one of my concern. i really appreciate your advice, it will really help my “chum chums” adjust to kids his age and his new surrounding.

    would really love to have coffee and “chicka chicka” if you guys push thru with your plans coming to cali. i look forward to that. God bless and thanks again =)

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