Coffee Terrible

For now, I’d have to say bye-bye to buying coffee from Starbucks, Caffino or even that darn tasteless caffeine drink in the cafeteria and the vending machine by the lobby. My spending has gone out of control. Although, I can’t blame it on coffee and pastries alone. Carefully looking at my credit card bill, my eating frenzy (lunch and take out dinners) expense amounted to six (6)  freaking franklins (could have bought something with that money); add my quick stops to cafes for $80. I can’t believe my eyes when I saw my credit card statement. How can I be so mindless?

So starting yesterday morning (and onwards, for now; I hope) I fixed myself a mug of coffee with a small amount of french vanilla cream. It tasted the same as the ones I buy each morning from coffee shops, or even better. My dining out practrice had to be cut down to bare minimum. I am setting a budget for my everday lunch, too. Dinner, has to be fixed from the comfort of my home.

Sigh, another lesson learned from an accountant who sucks! 



  1. cheh · August 8, 2007

    Nell, we’re very much alike si miss coffee din ako!:)Mamatay ata ako pag ala yan!Maski sa gabi nag nagkakape ako ganun ka grabe.Segi sabayan kita sa pag hinay hinay 😉

  2. thess · August 8, 2007

    Can’t do w/o coffee huh?

    just a quick hello kapatid, at cge, iinom ako ng 2 kopita ng kape mamaya sa aking dinner (date w/ fafah), isang kopita para sa iyo, sasamahan ko na rin ng pambara.

    enjoy your day!!

    (kapatid, ito na ang aking ipagakakalat ng URL sa ngayon..type mo din i-link? he he…vastos ano?)

  3. sardonicnell · August 8, 2007

    che, ganyan din ako. minsan eh gabing-gabing na eh nagkakape pa. then i ask myself why i have insomnia? huh? bakit nga ba? hahahah! thanks for the kind comment. God bless =)

    sister thess, i added your new url. drink another cup of coffee in my behalf. nagluluksa ang iyong kapatid at nabawasan ang lafang at kape, hahaha! enjoy your date =)

  4. abby · August 8, 2007

    i read an article before about how much you can save if you can skip your daily caffeine intake and just DIY. kaya ako din, may french vanilla sa fridge, iwas gastos. 😀

  5. Jake's Mama · August 8, 2007

    Two things you’ll discover when you cut down on your Starbucks and Eating out: spending less, and weighing less!! WOOHOOO!!!

  6. sardonicnell · August 8, 2007

    apir, abby! i think i’ve red that article, too or something similar to that. pero matigas ang ulo, dinedma ang aking nabasa. now, that the figures at right before my eyes. totoo pala! but in fairness hah, the DIY coffee is good!

    i hope to accomplished both, jake’s mama! that would be swell. i really need to look at th brighter side of things, hehehe!

    thanks for the boost, guys =)

  7. munchkinmommy · August 8, 2007

    ay alam mo nell, kami never pang bumili ng coffee sa coffeeshop! thanks to our trusty coffeemaker. everytime we think of buying coffee, say at starbucks, naiisip namin pareho lang din ang lasa nun at yung magagawa naming kape sa bahay! free refills pa! hee hee. me french vanilla din kami na flavor! 😉 at least, hindi instant ang iniinom naming kape. sosyal pa rin diba? nyahaha!

  8. sardonicnell · August 8, 2007

    hello, munchkinmommy! bless you for your personal control. i can make coffee from home, pero always out of time kasi, nagmamadali na kasi pumasok sa ofc. di naman ako choosy sa kape, basta lasang coffee and di decaf eh swak na sa akin. hehehe! but i got this idea from a co-worker earlier, bringing my french press and coffee here at work. bakit di ko yon naisip before, hehehe! thanks for the visit =)

  9. eric aka senor enrique · August 9, 2007

    You know, the coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t bad at all. I used to always get my morning coffee at Starbucks until my boss surprised me with a cup one morning he bought at Dunkin’ Donuts. I’ve been drinking their coffee ever since. But the ones here in Manila is not as good.

  10. sardonicnell · August 9, 2007

    rachel ray, said the same thing! forgive me for plugging. but she has vouched for Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, she said it’s “real good.” unfortunately, there’s no nearby dunkin where i live. for now, i’ll have home brewed coffee =) need to control my spending till i pay off my credit card balance, hehehe! thanks for the visit…

  11. apols · August 9, 2007

    Hehehe natatawa talaga ako sayo…alam mo ganun talaga eh? kung ano ung profession mo, parang un ung weakness mo you cant get it right pag sarili mo na ang involved. lets say psychologist, pag may problema sila personal di nila maapply ung inaadvise nila hehehe…

  12. sardonicnell · August 9, 2007

    thanks, apol. i must admit that i do a much better job of managing other peoples finances than my own. probably because there really is nothing to account for to begin with, hehehe =)

  13. Meeya · August 9, 2007

    hi, sali ako sa usapang kape, hehe. i was a big coffee (read: starbucks) drinker before. pero, i stayed away from it when i got pregnant tapos i seemed to have lost my need for my daily caffeine fix after that. now, i hardly drink coffee anymore, and when i do its parang a luxury for me already so i kinda allow myself to “splurge” sa starbucks na, hehe.

    pero i wholeheartedly support your budgeting measures. you can do it! even if it means you have to do it one coffee bean at a time. 🙂

  14. sardonicnell · August 10, 2007

    hello meeya, thanks for the visit. you are so lucky that you haven’t developed this dependency on coffee. but then caffeine gives me the boost i need to last the whole day, heheheh. having starbucks every once in a while is quite reasonable, but one to two each day can be a bit hard on the budget.

    thanks for the encouragement. i’m on my third day now, looks like i’ve saved $9 on coffee and $30 on meals! hahaha =)

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