A Box of Smile and Laughs

Oh my! August na pala. That means, December is just around the corner. Time to pack those Balikbayan Boxes and send gifts to Manila. It has become a family tradition for us, to send our love ones a little something for the holiday. Usually, it’s a bunch of delata’s and dried goods. From corn beef, luncheon meat, bath soaps, shampoos, bath towels, clothes, toys, fruit cocktail, peanut butter, cereal, chocolates, chips etc. I can go on and on, Hahaha! It may not be much, but it puts a smile on everyones faces. My mom has inculcated this thought in our heads, that it’s important for us to look back at those people who at one time or another has touched our lives. So with that notion in mind, our three boxes are almost filled and will be ready to ship for Manila sometime soon.

So if you ever see me at Dollar Stores, K-Mart, Walmart, Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target, Costco or Outlet Malls; that would be because we need to fill those boxes in time for the holidays. Grabe! I’m close to being broke. But nevermind, those precious laughs and smiles are priceless. Things we do for the people we love!