Forgive My Sarcasm…

My friends and I went out for dinner last night, we were hungry; so we all agreed on buffet. Time to pig out! My friend, Ken said in excitement. I didn’t feel like eating chinese food, so I’m off to the sushi counter. I got Sake (salmon), Maguro (tuna) and Hamachi (yellow tail) to start with. It was so good and the raw fish topping was fresh. So, I dashed for another round. When I got to the sushi counter, I didn’t see any nigiri sushi left. I kindly asked the guy (who I think was the sushi chef) for some more.

“Sir, excuse me. Could I kindly have some more sake and maguro.”

“I’m sorry, we ran out.” The guy said to me.

Then I saw slices of raw fish behind the counter, a whole platter full. Forgive me, but this guys remark made me raise my eyebrows. He is lying in front of my face! I just had to make a comment, this isn’t right.

“Sir, you said there’s no more salmon and tuna. Could I ask what’s that in front of you?” I said with a hint of sarcasm, then pointing to the platter.

“I’m sorry. We can’t serve that yet!” He said.

I was like, “What? Did I hear you right?”

“I thought this is a buffet restaurant? Thought that’s the sign I saw outside. Am I in the wrong place?” I didn’t realize that I was slightly raising my voice. The guy beside me, said the same thing. Two other customers nodded in agreement. I guess I’m not the only person in the restaurant being deprived of food in a B-U-F-F-E-T Restaurant!

“Can I have a word with your Manager, please?” was the next thing I said. I then saw a guy wearing a suit walking towards me, he introduced himself as the owner. I told him about the incident and stated my arguments. He turned red, after I said my piece. There was an inkling of embarassment on his face. He apologized for their mistake and told his chef to fill the sushi station right away; even telling him to give us what we want. The next thing I know, I had a plate full of nigiri sushi.

Spare me the BEE-ESS! But isn’t that the whole point of eating in a buffet restaurant, to eat to your hearts (or stomachs) content? I don’t see any reason holding food on customers, that’s insane and totally absurd. Why bother calling an establishment a buffet restaurant? Right?

Anyhow, after calming myself down and eating another plate of sushi; I asked the waitress for our bill. To my surprise, the owner came to our table and insisted that we pay nothing. “On the house”, he kindly said. I demanded on paying for our meal, even handing the waitress my credit card. But they would not take my payment. Again the owner ask for an apology for the small misunderstanding. I also asked him to excuse my sarcasm (it’s the least I can do, he looks like a good guy), and we both smiled while shaking each others hand.

I realized after that I can be a Big “B” sometimes, that there’s still a small “evil” side of me somewhere. Now I know why my sister made this one comment before.

 “Watch out for Kuya, it’s a bad sign when he starts raising those eyebrows. You wouldn’t like what’s going to happen next.”

Hahaha! Seriously, I’m not “evil” or “ill-bred” (like my sister would often teased me); I’m just outspoken and would prefer not keeping my irritation secluded. I guess that answers my questions as well. Why people call me Sardonic Nell?



  1. thess · August 5, 2007

    Ayan kasi, tinitigan mo na husto yung sushi image ko sa flickr ano? ha ha! Pareho tayo ‘mag-taray’, may “sir at ma’am”! *lol*

    you did the right thing Nell,IMO…dapat ilabas ang hinaing at kakabagan tayo pag iki-keep sa ‘loob’ he he

    *lame mais mais*
    hala addicted na ako sa blog mo kapatid, lalo na ng malaman ko baka magkamag anak tayo ~ sa katarayan with poise! o say!! ha ha!

  2. sardonicnell · August 5, 2007

    hahahah! grabe ang tawa at halakhak ko sa comments mo kapatid na thess. ewan ko ba at bakit ang bilis kong magtaray minsan. pero tama ka dyan hah, kakabagan (or something else) lang ako if i keep my opinions to myself.

    same here, im so fond of your blog and your photos. i find myself laughing out loud reading your comments. cheers to us sister!

  3. thess · August 5, 2007

    Kasi lionesses tayo kaya pag ginalit, ngarrrrr! (sorry, hindi ko magaya ungol ng lion pag galit *lol* ) pero kapag sweet naman ang tao sa atin, we purrrr like kittens, tama o tama? 😉

    wag masyado malakas ang tawa ha, baka ma*tot ka naman ha ha ha!

    salamat sa komento mo re: shake my hand , like you, poised pa rin ako yesterday kahit kating kati na ako mangalmot ng mata ng may mata, pero bakit ko papatulan di ba?

    … enjoy your sunday kapatid, kung ano man ang dinner mo, ikagat mo ako ha!

  4. sardonicnell · August 5, 2007

    korek! mabait kong mabait, pero masama magalit, hahaha. but in fairness to us, mabilis man tayong magtaray pero matimpiin naman =) dba?

    apir, poised pa rin tayo kahit patay na patay na tayong mangalmot ng tao. kain tayo ng garlic porkchops, kakaluto ko lang, hehehe. hayaan mo, ikakagat kita kapatid. have a great week end!

  5. thess · August 6, 2007

    ano ba yan! ikaw na yata talaga ang matagal ko ng hinahanap na kakambal?! paborito ko ang garlic chops, eeeekkkk!! Nilakihan mo kagat?? Im sure masarap luto mo, aba eh goddess mo si tita Nigella pala!

    pakita ko lang din sa iyo ginawa ko:

    hop ako sa newest entry mo after this 😉

  6. sardonicnell · August 6, 2007

    baka nga ikaw rin yong nawawala kong kakambal, hahaha! i love garlic pork chops, paano ba naman eh kadali lutuin. kagat ba kamo? one bite, eat all ang ginawa ko. ok na ba yon?

    ikaw kapatid na thess, ang talented sa kusina. ako kasi eh bara-bara lang, pero in fairness nasasarapan naman ang mga kumakain. di pa naman sila na food poison, hahaha!

    maraming salamat po sa inyong mga napakatamis na salita, naks naman!

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