The Face Behind The Blog

My friend Jing (from my Mayee years in highschool) and I at Golden Gate Bridge.

Jing and I at Domaine Carneros in Napa Valley

My evil sister and I (on a bad hair day) at Miramar Beach

I got tagged by, Thess.

I was seriously having a hard time convincing myself to post my abstract face online. I really don’t look good in photos, as if I am in person. Hahahah! But I realize that it’s just a face, and maybe a couple of art critic might appreciate abstract art at it’s best. Right?

Something about myself, hmmm. I talk too much, is that interesting enough? I like watching and reading things Oprah, as if the whole gayborhood doesn’t know that yet. Lately, I’ve had some free time on my plate and keeping myself sane with photography, literature and soon with MPA classes. I like reading books and watching movies that has sort of mystical or maligno twang or character. Yup! My interests in life are out of whack. And yah, before I forgot. I’m an accountant with no savings account! Odd, but true.

Here are some of the picture perfect people, who has the guts and a good sense of camaraderie. Cheers to you guys!

David Airey in Graphic Design : Thess in Thesserie : Lisa Sabin Wilson in Just a Girl in the World : Char in Essential Keystrokes : Paul in Reflections : Zep in In-Sect : Stevie B in Lost in Cyberspace : Char in Stixter. I can go on and on, but my hands are aching from cutting and pasting.

To keep the ball rolling, I am tagging my good friends and fellow bloggers — Banggigay in Coffee Mug : Abby G in Between the Moon and NYC : Jen in Cellulitic Bliss  and Apols in Anorexic Queen. Hope you guys don’t mind me tagging you. For instructions, kindly refer to David Airey’s post; who by the way started all these.

Thanks again for the tag, Thess. I really enjoyed this one!

” The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched … but are felt in the heart. “ -Helen Keller-



  1. thess · August 4, 2007

    Nell, thanks for being a sport!! *hugss!*

    Ayan, kitang-kita na kita, astig posing nyo ni sister sa beach ha! The first 2 photos, galing din ng backgrounds.
    Please to meet you, accountant Nell. I breathe Oprah air naman *LoL* I’m glad that you ‘talk too much’ because I truly enjoy your entries.

    Thanks for being so kind and doing this. Big hug from Holland…and God Bless!!

  2. sardonicnell · August 4, 2007

    thank you for the tag and the kind words, thess. i really liked doing this meme, i had fun.

    naku, thess. contagious etong bibig ko. walang tigil sa kakachicka, hahaha! apir tayo kay oprah, she’s an inspiration to us all. dba?

    big bear hugs to you, thess. have a great week end!

  3. Great of you to contribute!

    Thanks for referring people back to my original post, and great to see these pictures from around the world.

    Best wishes from Scotland!

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  5. sardonicnell · August 5, 2007

    you’re welcome david! it was fun doing this entry. God bless and hope we keep the ball rolling.

    big hugs from san francisco!

  6. Apols · August 6, 2007

    Thanks for the tag Nell 🙂

  7. sardonicnell · August 6, 2007

    you’re welcome, apols! i don’t usually tag people, but this one was fun and has a purpose =) thank you!

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  9. Jen · August 7, 2007

    i must have missed this one.. i’ll do this tag soon! been a bit out of it lately in terms of blogging.. :). Thanks!

  10. sardonicnell · August 8, 2007

    hi, jen! thank you, please feel free do this one at your convenience. God bless =)

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