Hitting That Number

Turned 29, last July 27. It was one of the happiest days of my life. My day started with a cup of coffee and cinnamon twist, I got “to-go” from Starbucks; In as much as I want to slow down, I was already running late for an early morning meeting with the medical practitioners in the hospital. Was so surprised when the meeting turned out to be a party thrown in my behalf. No meeting, just a bunch of happy people. That was very sweet and kind of the management to throw me a surprise.

Quarter to noon, I got a call from Lisa and Cee Cee. They wanted to take me out for lunch and I gladly obliged. We went to Ray’s Sushi Bar in downtown Hayward, I filled myself up with a whole platter of Dragon Roll. I could never resist sushi, never ever! Both my girlfriends also spoiled me with gifts: a wristlet and card case. Went back to the office to finish the rest of my days work and on my table, another surprise awaits. A vase full of my favorite flowers, white lilies, white roses and white orchid blooms. Courtesy of my good friend, Ken.

Dinner was with the family and we planned to have it at Papillon Restaurant in Fremont. It’s one of my fathers favorite restaurant since I can remember. Supper was not that eventful, but the table was filled with delicious food and random jolly conversations. Nothing compares to sharing good food with the people you love and adore. For my birthday, my family gave me a week end retreat at Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay. Quiet time for myself, that sounds good!

Saturday, I checked in and was greeted by hotel staff. Went to a room, where a gift basket of goodies was waiting. I walked around, opened one of the windows and the view took my breath and sanity away. It was beautiful! I was facing the Pacific Ocean with birds gliding in the air. I was just amazed of what’s right in front of me. Such an eye teaser!

One blessing after another, thank you Lord!



  1. Jen · July 31, 2007

    belated happy birthday!!!!

  2. sardonicnell · August 1, 2007

    thank you, jen! i’m grateful for another year =)

  3. thess · August 1, 2007

    Belated Happy Birthday!! 🙂 glad you had a nice day too and yes, Praise God for His gift of new year.

  4. sardonicnell · August 1, 2007

    thanks so much, thess! i do feel bless, para akong naging bata ulit. hehehe =)

  5. munchkinmommy · August 1, 2007

    belated happy birthday! may your days be as wonderful as your birthday. cheers! 😀

  6. sardonicnell · August 1, 2007

    thank you, munchkinmommy! that was very sweet of you. i’m also praying for more better days, hehehe. have a blessed day =)

  7. Apols · August 4, 2007

    belated happy birthday nell 🙂

  8. sardonicnell · August 4, 2007

    thank you, apols. kind people like you makes my heart swell talaga.

    apols, i hope you dont mind me tagging you. thanks again and God bless!

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