Of Habits and Inevitability

Used to be that guy who loves security, that person with plans and blueprints for success. But since that dreadful day, Scott & I decided to go our separate ways. I found myself less troubled and even uncaring. Not of people, but of events that occur in my fag fabulous life. I don’t over analyze things, I relish each and every windfall and toss my misfortunes away. I’m less agitated, much relaxed and happier than I was before.

Lately, I’m more accepting of failures and less hard on myself. I even developed these eerie habits of thrusting myself into each new interests, with a blind fervor and dogged determination. No plans, strategies or research. Just jump into the unknown and experience living on the edge. Learn as we go, that’s my new mantra. But seriously, it’s a bit scary — but I really like it!



  1. thess · July 27, 2007

    “I’m more accepting of failures and less hard on myself.”

    Because nothing is sure in this life… so true, what’s the use of beating yourself up for committing mistakes and failing? Mistakes are there, will always be there as we go on, cruising this life.
    I agree, let’s learn as we go..and make the most of it. 😉
    Keep smiling!! And have a fine weekend!

  2. sardonicnell · July 27, 2007

    hi thess! we learn as we cruise the ocean of life, dba? finally, i’ve learned to just take things as it is. like someone ones told me “sh*t happens all the time!” there really is nothing we can do to prevent it. thanks for the visit, enjoy your week end as well.

  3. cee cee · August 1, 2007

    “fag fabulous!” (LOL) you’ll kill me if i’d said that to you.

  4. sardonicnell · August 1, 2007

    for sure, you’d be DEAD =)

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