Almost Here…

It’s beens weeks of browsing online, calling toll free numbers and emailing friends. Trying to get my hands on that camera I am so longing for. I’ve been placing my orders, but couple days after; I get this email saying:

Thank you for your recent order with us. The product you selected is currently not in stock. We will not be restocking it for another 6-8 weeks time. Your card has NOT been charged and your order has been cancelled. We will notify you via email as soon as we restock it.

There goes my hope, up then down six feet under. I called five other stores and they don’t have one in-stock either. Really was about to give up and cry, but decided to give my search one more shot — Ebay. After countless hours looking into each and every auction (take note, at work) I finally found the package that suits my checkbook. To be honest, I spend $150 more than my budget; but I was on a mission. This soldier won’t let this week go by still empty handed. And so, this evening I got a surprise in my inbox; it says:


The following 1 piece(s) have been sent by XXX ELECTRONICS of via BLAH BLAH Express on July 18, 2007 using Tracking Bill # 0123456789.

Shipment Date:  July 18, 2007
Weight:         10.0 LBS
Pieces:         1
Service:        Next Day 3:00 pm
Reference:      A12345

Like a kid who’s about to get a new toy, I am so excited!




  1. michelle · July 19, 2007

    this is exciting, what camera did you get?

  2. sardonicnell · July 20, 2007

    exciting indeed, michelle. forgive my forgetful head, but are you that michelle who has that photo blog? thanks for the visit. the camera? it’s the canon rebel xti (400D). just got it today, thanks again!

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