A Taco, Duh?

My nephew asked me last night.  ” Yaya, do you like Tacos? “

” No, Anak. I don’t! “ was my reply. For a minute there was a sound of silence. I thought that was the end of the conversation.

” Yaya, do you like cheese? “ he then asked.

” Yes, I do” I said.

” How about meat? “ was his follow up question.

” Aha” not even thinking where  this talk is leading to.

” And you like lettuce, too. Right? “

” Yup! “ I sounded a bit confuse.

” Well Yaya, that’s a Taco! Duh? “ was his smarty-ass reply (with both hands on his waist). I ended up laughing out loud. I couldn’t beleive a five year old kid is making a fool of me. Hahahah!

( Oo, nga naman. Meat, Cheese and Lettuce eh almost Tacos na nga sya! LOL. And FYI, my nephew calls me “Yaya” which is short for Kuya; that he hears from my siblings all the time. Although, Yaya (nanny) naman talaga ako on week ends. )


  1. cee cee · July 17, 2007

    kids these days are too smart! sometimes i feel like the dumb one.

  2. sardonicnell · July 17, 2007

    you’re right, dear. nicho always surprises me. like last night, he called and red me a story over the phone. cute, huh?

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