I Walk, I Care, I Write

AIDS Walk San Francisco (July 15, 2007). As a tribute to our good friend, Maggie who passed away last year. We’ve (the fab four: Ken, Lisa, Cee Cee and myself) decided to participate in this years AIDS Walk. This is one of Maggie’s favored crusade and we couldn’t let this opportunity pass without putting her mark on it. She may have been gone, but we’d like for her legacy to live on as much as we can.

It was a last minute decision (as always), but I never had second thoughts pursuing it. Raising funds and a six mile walk wouldn’t kill me at all (unless I get ran over by a truck or jump over the bridge). It’s but a tiny sacrifice for something that could help hundreds, if not millions of people with AIDS. Thanks to my Walk-a-Mile buddies, our good friends at Ernst and Young LLP and Hill Physician Medical Group for helping us raise funds at short notice.  W’eve manage to raise enough money for a platinum pledge. Yepee!

WordCamp San Francisco (July 21-22, 2007). I just heard from a fellow blog enthusiast, that WordPress would be holding a two-day conference for users and web developers. Where? Beautiful San Francisco! Fees are very reasonable (at $25 with lunch and all), and it’s a good time to meet people who share our common interest — blogging.  I think I’ll go on that Saturday, July 21 and see what they have enstore.

For more info: http://2007.wordcamp.org/


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