And Finally…

” To Err is Human, To Forgive is Divine. ” -Alexander  Pope-  

We’ve all made mistakes, especially when we’re hurt and honestly believed that the choices we made were for the best. When I looked back on one of the most turbulent times of my life, I realize that I hurt someone who was very dear to me. Though unintended, I’ve caused damage and distress. But like every strife, in time; things will be still and eventually heal on it’s own.

Just this past week end, I got an email from a friend. Truly, it was an answered prayer. It was a simple and short birthday greeting, but it help cleared my cluttered thoughts and relieved my long aching heart. Nothing feels better than a guilt-free spirit. My upcoming birthday will be a celebration of love and a renewed faith in friendship. An attestation that God works his marvels in mysterious and improbable ways.

Thank you was all that I could get out,
Though I wanted to say much more,
You have taught me of love and forgiveness,
And that I have something to live for.

Thank you, my friend! 


  1. banggigay · July 12, 2007

    nelya, do i know this “friend”. i hope he/she is the one. you know what i mean 🙂

  2. sardonicnell · July 12, 2007

    yup, a mutual friend. just happy that we can both move on and leave the “ugly” things behind. thanks =)

  3. abs aka christy fermin · July 12, 2007

    oi oi oi, kilala ko ba yan? 😀

  4. sardonicnell · July 13, 2007

    hehehe! manay christy (abby), naloka ako sa comment mo. thanks nga po pala for emailing me the info about the lens hah =) God bless!

  5. banggigay · July 13, 2007

    wow! nice nel. it’s really a good news. ello! more than a decade of friendship is indeed worth saving! masaya ko para sa inyong dalawa! 🙂

  6. sardonicnell · July 13, 2007

    thank you, bangge. we’ll try and make things like it was before. a long shot, but well worth the effort. hopefully, our paths would cross again soon. for now, a simple hi-hello and well wishes will do. like i said in my entry, before:

    Her friendship is like a shooting star flaring briefly across the heavens, a moment in time that I will treasure forever. Maybe, with time, the garden where our friendship grew will blossom again.

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