Embracing My Inner Brat

My sister called me at work early this afternoon. I thought she was going to ask me to have lunch with her or meet up after work. But contrary to that, she was mad on the phone.

” Kuya, you can’t do this anymore! “ raising her voice on me.

I’m like — ” Hah! what are you bitching about? “ please pardon my choice of language. I got mad, too.

” You’re spoiling Nicho too much! It’s not right na, Kuya. ”  She has the nerve to acknowledge me as her older brother, yet she’s speaking to me in a condescending tone.

” Nicho needs to learn to that he can’t have everything he wants. Stop buying the things we can’t afford for him. “ Did I hear her right? Is she telling me what and what not to do with my nephew? I don’t think I deserve this!

” I don’t want to talk about this right now. Call me when you’re no longer screaming! ” I said in a semi-sardonic manner. I just had to cut the conversation short. I was at work and it was not the right place to be arguing on the phone.

I’m convince that this has something to do with what happened yesterday. After our dinner last night, I gave my nephew the Wii games he was asking for. I had a feeling she wasn’t too happy about it (it shows in her face), but she kept her silence since we have a guest. I was also the one who bought my nephew the Wii console about 2-3 months ago, and my sister thought that was too much for a five (5) year old boy. But then again, I didn’t listen.

I was thinking of the incident that occured between my sister and myself, the whole afternoon. In as much as I want to deny it, I think she does have a valid reason to get mad; clearly, I am at fault here. My sister was right, but I didn’t want to let go of my defenses since I’m the older sibling — i’m naturally egoistic.

That same day, my sister called again and apologized for her behavior. And I apologized as well for my sarcasm. We both agreed that we should respect each others authority. She’s the mother and she has every right to discipline her child. I as an uncle, must learn to control myself and let her be the parent. Buying my nephew’s every desire will not help at all. Most likely, ruin his values.

I then told my sister, where (I think) my spoiling tendencies are coming from. As a child, there were lots of things I really wanted; but my parents would not give in. Not because they don’t have the means, but they probably thought it is unnecessary. And as the eldest, I always have to give way to my younger siblings. They get what they want first, before I can have mine. What’s left of me are crumbles and left overs. I don’t want to give an impression that I’m a bitter person, cause I’m not. But it made me realize that if there’s something I would like to have, I have to get it on my own. Maybe, I see myself in my nephew. Who knows? I myself am confuse about my motives.

I don’t want to sound like an ungrateful son, beleive me when I say that I was fortunate to be raised by wonderful parents. Up to this day, at almost 30 years old. They’re still an important part of my day to day acitivity. And if there’s anything I learned from my folks, it’s discipline and the value of hard work. It’s priceless, no money can ever buy.

This made me realize that everyday is another lesson learned. You’d think I’m wise or had it all, but I’m not and I don’t. Inside, I am still a brat who wanted to be spoiled.

(My nephew, Shawn Luis Nicholas Reyes)



  1. banggigay · July 10, 2007

    ay ang mga uncle tlga! hahaha!

  2. sardonicnell · July 10, 2007

    bangge, guilty as charge si uncle this time! maybe i just want him to have the things i didn’t get as a child. kaloka, isip bata pa rin ako. hahahah =)

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