This is Payback

Health is not valued till sickness comes.
-Dr. Thomas Fuller-

I went to my primary care physician this morning, it’s my regular three month follow up. I was feeling well, have no complaints at all. Everything seems to be in order. I’m seeing Dr. Cranley for my medication refill, at least that’s what I thought. I arrived on time for my appointment, looked at my watch and it’s five minutes before 9 AM. Checked in with the receptionist, paid my copay, and was asked to have a seat. Minutes after, the nurse was calling my name. I had the regular pre-consultation treatment; the nurse took my temperature, weight, pulse and blood pressure. Then she led me to a room and was asked to wait for the doctor, and that’s exactly what I did.

” Good morning, Nell! How are you doing? “ said Dr. Cranley with this bright smile, as she entered the room.

” Good morning, Doctor. I’m doing fab! Thanks for asking. “ I said to her.

” Did you have your labs done? ” Dr. Cranley asked.

” Yes, I did. Two days ago.”  I said.

” Ok, let me check your lab results “ she then typed something on the computer. There was a moment of silence.

” I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your blood results is not exactly ideal. Your LFT’s and lipid panel are high, so is your blood pressure. We need to do something about this. Your blood work for the past six months has been abnormal, though unalarming. But the one you did Monday worries me. “ She said, looking straight at me.

” Oow, I see! “ and looked down on the floor. I’m like this when I’m nervous of something. I guess Dr. Cranley red my mind or was watching me closely. She asked me to calm down. I didn’t realize I was doing some heavy breathing, but she did. In my head, something’s saying ” This is Payback! “ and I can’t help getting worried.

” Nell, I would suggest that you take medication for this. Your case can react to treatments and if you do. Maybe you don’t need to be on medication for life; as long as we can get it down in the next couple months. I will be strictly monitoring your blood test and vitals. I asked that you commit to taking the medication, modifying your diet and keeping a log of your blood pressure. It’s not too late. “ Dr. Cranley then gave me a hug. I truly admire her empathy and passion for what she does.

” You can do this, Nell! “ she was kind enough to give me a boost of morale.

After my consultation, she asked me to go downstairs and pick up my medication at the pharmacy. After that, I drove back to the office. I was quiet the whole time, didn’t even bother turning the radio on. I was anxious and did some serious thinking.

My Healthy Outlook. Starting today, I made a commitment to take my health back. I’ll start with my diet and work my way doing exercises — easy ones for now. Maybe walking would be a good start. I am determined to get better, it’s just sad that I waited this long. Waited for something bad to happen, before I even acted on it. They say life is short and I made it shorter not watching what I put in mouth. But I’m positive that I can get back on my feet and reclaim my state of well being. Wish me good luck!


  1. two-cee · July 6, 2007

    soul sister! is this true?

  2. Jen · July 6, 2007

    YOU AND ME BOTH. I’m with you on this one. Good luck to us both!!!!!

  3. sardonicnell · July 6, 2007

    hello cee-cee! and sister, the answer is “YES.” this is all true, as much as this sucks. i have to have my mind set on getting better.

    jen, i’m confident we can both do this. cheer to us and our goal of well-being!

  4. Connie Veneracion · July 7, 2007

    Gosh, I feel I should take a hint from your experience. But I’m sooo lazy to exercise.

  5. Apols · July 24, 2007

    Believe you can 🙂
    I love your blog.

  6. sardonicnell · July 24, 2007

    thank you, apols. thanks for the boost. as a matter of fact i’ve lost close to 10 lbs since my doctors visit. im trying to control myself not to consume too much rice, hehehe =)

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