Left Wondering…

” If a man makes you walk the first step of your life. Will you help him walk the last step? “

Out of nowhere, my mom popped this question while I was driving her to an appointment she made at a nearby salon. I wasn’t able to thoroughly absorb her query, till I parked the car. I didn’t have time to answer, I just smiled. After mom stepped out, I was left by myself and an empty car. And while waiting for her to get done with her appointment, I just had to find the answer; at the very least some sort of clarity.

My family has been my driving force in life. The most important people, who I draw my strength and motivation. They’re the endless source of love and relief. My parents may never be a perfect couple, but they were the best. Often misunderstood, but most of the time impeccable down to there predictions. Rejoicing in the moment when we’re wrong and say the words ” I told you so…” It may hurt my ego at times, but nothing compares to a sweet embrace I get after a good cry. That’s tough love right there, something only family can give.

I think my mothers words was not intended as a question, but more like reassurance. In a land where it’s customary for grown children to have their aging parents put in nursing or senior institutions; it’s but natural for my mother to seek comfort in a promise that I will care for her when age has taken it’s toll. She’s but one in a million folks, who had this same question in mind.

But with all sincerity, I have no doubts or apprehensions. That if my parents have walked me this far in life, till now. Walking them to there last step is but a small price to pay for a life filled with love, blissfulness and dedication.


  1. eric aka senor enrique · June 27, 2007

    Admirable perspective!

    You have some wonderful photographs along with your entries. Impressive. Did you take them yourself?

    I’ve also bookmarked your site will visit often.



  2. sardonicnell · July 3, 2007

    hello eric, thanks for visiting my blog, for the kind comment and for bookmarking my site. this specific pic? it was taken by another person, my good friend who’s been mentoring me for the past couple weeks (in photography). told you, amateur palang ako =) di pa kaya ng powers ko ang mga ganito kagandang image. thanks again and God bless!

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