Said Goodbye to Pochette

Just last night, I said bye to Tzar. Today, it’s something else. After ten years of loyal service, my LV Pochette Gange bag finally said bye-bye (accidentally got caught on the door knob, the straps been detached from the bag itself ). I remember summer of 1997 at the Magnificent Mile in Chicago (LV Flagship/ Gallery), the day I laid eyes on her and whimsically bought her to satisfy my mundane desire. (1998 I bought, Montsouris and then, Musette in 2000) She’s been a reliable companion throughout my travels and lasted this far, considering I’ve use her more than the others. Never made any demands or ever complained, all she ever wanted was the dust bag, chamois cloth and a dash of leather cleaner or conditioner. I will miss her dearly, ten years together is such a long time.



  1. banggigay · June 25, 2007

    wow! cutie nmn nito! actually i was not a fan of this brown uberly expensive brand, but when i saw neverfull(mm) and the new mirage speedy (take note of the black patent handle instead of the vachetta leather), man! luv at first sight. but ok, i have to be back to my senses. it’s not yet my brrpday nor christmas for such a splurge 🙂

    check here:

    then drool! waaah!

  2. sardonicnell · June 25, 2007

    thanks, bangge! unfortunately, my days of buying designer bags is a thing of the past. i can’t afford it na, or even if i could. there’s much important things to think or spend each penny i earn. nasayangan lang ako, kasi nasira na yong bag. it was my first kasi, hehehe. then the musette bag, was stolen naman. grrrr!

    but i really like that new mirage speedy, kakaiba sya hah. for now, whenever i passed by designer shops — i drool myself.

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