I Miss You, Tzar

I was at a cat show in Lodi when my good friends from Cornish Rex Friends Rescue were chattering about a cat about to be surrendered by his owner. They were looking for a foster home nearby, preferrably in Northern California. ( My love for cats is infinite and I always have a soft spot for rescues and fosters.)  Without a doubt in my mind, I volunteered to take Tzar; on a temporary basis till we find him a suitable home.

On a dark friday night, Tzar was delivered at my door step. He was true gentleman from the start. He’s a guy with refined taste, who prefers to sleep in my bed rather than the snuggly pet mattress. Not to mention that he has to retire on top of a heating pad, and it’s turned on twenty four hours a day. He would only eat on a porcelain dish, totally ignoring the plastic ones I regularly use. He was one spoiled feline! And in return, he gets up at 6:30 every morning to wake me up; he was my alarm cat. And on cold days, he keeps me warm; he’s the best company to cuddle with on a winter night and when I’m reading a book.

But the day came when all this has to end. Earlier today, Tzar’s new parents came to pick him up. I had mix emotions about the whole thing, I was both happy and sad. I’m  glad he found a new home and new people who would love and care for him. But in a way, sad, cause I may never see him again. I never thought I’d shed a tear, but soon as he was out of sight — I started crying. I can’t beleive I already miss him.


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