It’s More Than Just Numbers

Cee-Cee dashed into my office crying. What about? Matters of the heart. She had a huge argument with her husband, only three months after their grand wedding. I know it’s typical for couples to be arguing, but I guess Cee-Cee has more than she could take at the moment. She came to me seeking for sympathy, but I have none to give. Forgive my rudeness, but having been into “good friendships turn bad kinda”  situation, I wasn’t ready to march into another emotional warfare. Second, I didn’t want to dip my fingers into marital affairs, huge “no-no”  according to my therapist. As her friend and accountant, I have given her my advice (pre-wedding) and unfortunately, she didn’t listen. She was absorb in love and forgot the financial cesspool that’s bundled along with this marriage.

In as much as I want to help her, my advice would be totally worthless if she continues to dwell in her made-up world. I have given her an apathetic response, but that’s because I wanted her to take control of the situation and do something briskly to salvage whatever’s left in their bank account. Cee-Cee’s husband is swimming on credit card debts and a certified impulsive gambler. It’s a combo for financial dilemna! I gave her the longest and the most provoking homily of her life (the least I can do and since she asked me to). She said I was harsh, but I told her I didn’t mean no harm (a bit cruel, but my intentions are guiltless). Bottom line of our discourse, she needs to get a lawyer and discuss a post-nuptial agreement. It will save her life, her future and if she’s lucky — her marriage. Good Luck, Cee-Cee!


  1. banggigay · June 21, 2007

    ay ay ay. burst the bubble eh?

  2. sardonicnell · June 21, 2007

    i really feel bad for my friend cee-cee, bangge. but one has to draw the line between personal and professional relationships. i gave my piece of the pie, that’s the best i can do.

    beleive it or not, her husband mindlessly squandered $18K in a months time gambling. bongga, dba? for a guy who makes $40K a year. wasted almost half his years earnings. terrible, noh?

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