To The Market

One of the favored things I like doing on week ends is visiting a farmers market. Although getting up early morning is not a fun part. But since I’ve been craving for fresh fruits and veggies, that is a price I have to pay. Got up at 6 AM, put on my most comfortable walking shoes and took the BART leading to San Francisco. People might think I’m insane to travel miles and miles just to see a farmers market, but the experience at Ferry Plaza is something I always look forward to. It’s an organic feast in one roof, a gourmands day dream come true.

I got off Embarcadero and took a cab to the farmers market. Right as I entering the building, I was greeted by a very kind barista from Blue Bottle Coffee and had me sample their Roman Espresso — talk about morning caffeine rush. It’s one pleasant coffee to have in the morning, medium brewed with a hint of caramel. After immersing myself in coffee, I went to the garden-flower section. Buckets full of flowers everywhere, it was divine! The florist said that Carnations are in full bloom this season and so I grabbed a couple medleys; enough to put a hint of color in my living room. I then dashed to the produce section, to grab some fruits and veggies. Only took me 30 minutes and I have a bag full of gourmet treats. I was quite fascinated with these odd-looking oranges I bought, they call it Blood Oranges. The name may sounds weird, but it was absolutely yummy. I had to sample it more than I should have, it was that good! My last stop for the day was Fatted Calf Charcuterie  for some Pork Rilletes (yum-oh on toasted bread) and Sweet Italian Sausage that my siblings and I like gobbling down for breakfast (with sunnyside up egg and garlic fried rice, it’s a sure hit!).

By the time I’m done, my canvas bag was heavy as a (small) sack of rice, some shops were even starting to close (they close between noon to 2 pm) and I was left almost penniless. I only have enough for a cab fare and a ticket ride on the BART. Poor me, but howbeit happy with all the edibles I’m bringing home. It’s “chow time”  tonight and the rest of the week.



  1. Mai · June 19, 2007

    Ay I love the Saturday market, and I head over to Blue Bottle first din. Ice Coffee naman for me, and a couple bags of beans for home (my current favorite is the Yemen)

    You should watch out for the Lardo at Niman Ranch, I’ve been waiting for that for ages. So far no luck 😦

    Nagulat ako when I saw the blood oranges pula yung loob (hehe so F.O.B.)

    I hope to run into you one Saturday

  2. sardonicnell · June 19, 2007

    thank you, mai. always been fascinated about the manual coffee brewing at the Blue Bottle Coffee booth. i’ll sample there yemen blend next time im in the area. that niman ranch lardo, one sinful treat! i thought i saw some at draegers in san mateo, but not niman ranch nga lang (that was ages ago though). the blood oranges, thought they were ruby red grapefruit at first, hehehe. hopefully, our paths would cross at ferry plaza one saturday. God bless!

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