Marie Antoinette: The Journey

I haven’t seen the film yet (Directed by Sophia Copolla), but now I’m dying to run to Blockbuster to rent it on DVD. She was known for having said the words “Let them eat cake.”  While reading the book, my imagination brought me to old Versailles. How at a tender age of fourteen, Marie Antoinette was sent off to France to wed the future king, Louis XVI. She carries a huge stately burden with her, to tie the bond between two countries — Austria & France.  By nature she was not interested in political affairs, yet she put on a good show. She took a philantrophic role, patronizing arts/music, and courageously face the mockery and deceit in her own court. This book portrayed her journey from an unprepared girl to becoming the last Queen of France.

My Remark. I enjoy reading historic biographies and this is the first Fraser book I have red. I think the author has done an excellent job at delineating Marie Antoinette as a substantial part of history, rather than the adulterous woman rumored to have an elicit affair with Count Fersen. It’s a fine piece, I enjoyed reading it!


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