Tagged 2: More About Myself

Yourself: I’m trying to keep myself sane by answering this tag questions.

Your Partner: Just got rid of him! For good…

Your Hair: Nothing interesting, it’s naturally black. But I decided to color it light brown, co-workers said it looks good. Ask me? I have no opinion.

Your Mother: I call her Mrs. Rocky, she’s a survivor and a living testament that life is indeed, beautiful. Been thru hell and back; but she’s not leaving this face of the earth without putting a fight. She sure is a hero in-the-making!

Your Father: He’s our handy man, Mr. Fix It. Available seven days a week. He’s my worse critic and he hates mediocrities. He’s also my House of Treasury, whenever I get financially tight. He’s pretty darn good when it comes to financial planning, I feel obtuse around him. He has manage his investments well to retire at a young age of 45.

Your Favorite Item: My Laptop, it never fails to entertain.

Your Dream Last Night: That I was in a Camera Store. Must be my current fixation in photography.

Your Favorite Drink: Water, the source of Life!

Your Dream Car: I’m not much into cars. But I’d like to drive a Black Volvo XC90, hopefully in this lifetime.

Dream Home: I’m happy and contented with what I have now — a piece of America, a home in Laguna and a cottage in between mangoe trees in the City of Golden Smiles.

The Room You Are In: At home, I took ownership of the masters bedroom. Furnished modestly with wooden furnitures and two colors in mind, Maroon and Gold. In the office, it’s an 10 x 13 feet room (rough estimate), white walls and file folders all over.

Your Fear: Death, not mine; but people I love and care most in life.

Where You Want to be in Ten Years:  Wish I could retire by then. What an imagination, huh? I don’t plan working for Corporate America my entire life. It would be nice if I can just tend our farm in CDO.

Who You Hung Out With Last Night: The family, we had dinner together at my place. It’s a weekly routine for us.

You’re Not: Perfect, I have my own fair share of shortcomings as a person.

One of Your Wish List Items: RETIREMENT, need I ask for more!

The Last Thing You Did: Checked the EFT’s and ERA’s.

You Are Wearing: flat front chinos, yellow polo shirt and my brown driving mocks. Had to dress down, it’s been hot these past couple days.

Your Favorite Weather: I love rainy days, gives me more reason to cuddle in bed.

Your Favorite Book: I have two, Heart of the Matter by Graham Greene and Beloved by Toni Morrison.

Last Thing You Ate: Half a donut, too sweet!

Your Life: SUBDUED, it’s a state of mind.

Your Mood: Suspicious, about someone.

Your Best Friend: Preoccupied as always, but I love her nonetheless.

What Are You Thinking About Right Now: Accounts Payable, it never ends.

Your Car: 2000 Honda Civic and 2006 Chevy Tahoe

What Are You Doing At The Moment:  Having another cup of coffee.

Relationship Status: Trying to stay single, for life- if possible!


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