Click, Click, Click

Since a friend introduced me to Flickr, I’ve been visiting the site quite a few times and looking through photographs; one after another. It’s fascinating how a moment in time, a thing of beauty, can be captured in a blink of an eye. It’s magical!

I’m seriously thinking of buying a DLSR camera to jump start my new found craft-in-the-making. I’m constantly reading stuff online, bouncing from one site to another, checking my options and choices in cameras (of course, I’m checking the prices as well). Research and word-of-mouth says that I should choose between three brands — Nikon, Canon and Olympus.

Let’s see where my options take me. For now, I’ll be reading “Popular Photography and Imaging” magazines I grabbed from the office lobby earlier.



  1. banggigay · June 15, 2007

    uy biased ako e…i’m for canon! 🙂 all my 3 cams are canon, obvious ba. but i’m yet to buy a dslr. pro wait ko pa ang Sg annual sale, para uber discounted 🙂 i’ve got good reviews for the 350d.

    actually i thought you’re already using a dslr. gaganda ng photos mo e 🙂 nel, go for it. you make good compositions eh. pramis! 🙂

  2. sardonicnell · June 15, 2007

    thanks bangge, i appreciate the kind words. i’ve red good reviews about canon dlsr cameras, was considering the canon eos rebel xti. i’m also shopping around for a good deal online and in stores as well, i wanted a kit na kasi.

    most of the photos i took were from my sony cybershot digicam dsc-t100. ngayon ko lang kasi napag isip-isip etong dlsr cameras eh. thanks again and God bless!

  3. abby · June 18, 2007

    Gie, you want to buy my 350D? 😀 ako din super loyal na Canon consumer.

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