The Beach Getaway

After what feels like the longest week at work, almost (literally) living in the office, staying late till almost midnight. I just had to leave my mind-laborious work behind, even just a couple days. Right after my presentation Thursday afternoon, I went home right away, catch up on my sleep and then packed my bags for some quiet time at my Mom’s place in Pebble Beach. I look forward to a couple days of just plain leisure.

I haven’t seen Mom for a week now, and since she moved to her new house; I seriously have been missing her. I couldn’t beleive she chose to live two hours away from us, but semi- retirement and a house near the beach brought a lot of difference to her. For the past couple years, her life has been a roller coaster ride. From going through breast cancer, then mastectomy and menopause (she’s going to kill me if she reads this). I’m glad the ordeals over, she’s a much happier person now.

My nephew and I left Friday morning to surprise Mom (Yepee! three day week end). She didn’t know I took a day off, she’s not expecting any company till Saturday noon. Took us two hours to get there, we had to stop from time to time to take pictures of the lovely scenery along Highway 1. It was stunning!

Mom was shocked to see us, I was simply happy to see her. I missed having her around my house. I’m such a drama queen! After breakfast, we didn’t waste time and took a stroll by the beach. The water was freezing cold, but the weather couldn’t be more perfect. A good time to read a book under broad daylight and I came ready, I have two in my suitcase.

[ Rasputins Daughter by Robert Alexander is a good read. I’m avid reader of historically inspired novels. If you’re hooked on the enigmatic story of the Russian royalty, the Romanovs, this book would brilliantly narrate their story (though not completely). But you’d probably want to read The Kitchen Boy, first. Alexander creates a suspenseful story with twists and surprises enough to make you wish not to take a break from reading. I’m a living proof to that! ]

After our “fun in the sun” activities, Mom fixed us some dinner (miss her home cooking). She’s not exactly a kitchen dandy, but the meals she prepares is down right homey. Steamed jasmine rice, Lucky Me Chicken Noodles with egg (plugging, hehehe), Basil Chicken and Hot Chai Tea for dessert (?). Yummy, Mmmm goodness. After a hearty supper, we didn’t feel like retiring yet. Again, I came ready; brought four DVD’s with me. Mom and I watched The Holiday and Because I Said So. Both movies are hilarious!

[ The Holiday, is a romantic comedy from the same director of Somethings Gotta Give and What Women Want. Two women (Amanda portrayed by Cameron Diaz and Iris by Kate Winslet) trades homes for the holiday to escape their matters-of-the heart, to find that a change of address can changes their lives. Short after arriving at their destinations, both women find the last thing either wants or expects: a new romance. Amanda is charmed by Graham (Iris brother, portayed by Jude Law). I’m a huge fan of Jude Law, he looks absolutely bonny in this movie. His accent added more spice to his already sexy charm. While Iris mends her heart when she meets film composer Miles (Jack Black from Nacho Libre). It’s funny and totally charming! ]

[ Because I Said So, with actresses Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore. Must admit that my mother and I could relate to this movie. It’s a story of a mother (Daphne) and three free spirited daughters. Daphne is your normal overprotective, over bearing, over the top and always-in-your-business kind of a mother. Worried that her youngest daughter, Millie, will end up alone. Daphne meddled with her daughters personal life and ended doing all the wrong things for the all right reasons, all in the name of motherly love. My own mother bit her tongue the whole time, after the movie ended; we were both laughing out loud. Wickedly enticing! ]

We don’t have anything planned for tomorrow morning. I think we’ll just stay here in the cottage, enjoy the beach, read another book, watch another movie… maybe a BBQ luncheon with the family; when my siblings get here tomorrow afternoon. This is life (at least for the next three days), a sweet repose!



  1. Liv · June 13, 2007

    Hi!! Just blog hopping from Jen’s blog. =)

  2. banggigay · June 14, 2007

    wow! bakasyunista grande! 🙂 come on…dito nmn pinas! lotsa gorgeous beach! i’m willing to play your guide 🙂

  3. sardonicnell · June 14, 2007

    thank you bangge! sinulit ko lang talaga ang day off ko, hehehe. uuwi talaga ako ng pinas (soon, i hope), hahaloghogin kita hah =)

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