In Touch With My Roots

Somebody asked me, If I know a different lingo besides English. Without any hesitation, I answered, “Tagalog & Bisaya!”  But looking at that persons reaction (which by the way, is a late age pinoy), he had that look that seems degrading. Like I’m some sort of low rate imbecile. Not capable or deserving of my occupation, but rather had me clean houses for a living (no pun intended on people who have blue collar jobs, hats off to you guys for all the hard work). Maybe I’m exaggerating quite a bit, but if you were in my shoes. How would you feel being demeaned? I was raise to respect my elders, so I didn’t comment. I can’t beleive a fellow kababayan can be so prejudice of my ethnicity. I might be young, but thank God I’m not narrow-minded!

I’ve always taken pride in being Filipino, and take dignity to with me saying that 100% Bisaya. I speak my ethnic language with integrity in mind and utmost respect for my ancestry. Sabi nga nila … Ang taong di marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay di makararating sa kanyang patutunguhan.

[ Pesteng yawa ka Manang! Wa kay ulaw, mura kag si kensa. Salbahes ka! Palihog lang, tan-aw gani sa samin. Magabaan ka baya… ]


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