End of May

I stared at the calendar earlier and I could not beleive this months almost over. I’m about to flip yet another page. May was certainly eventful, so many things happened in such a short span of time; both good and bad.

The Good Side of May. Happiness comes in all forms, colors and sizes. In my case, it came in a form of a cat, a laptop, river rafting adventure and accomplished home projects.

Couple weeks ago, Moochie (Seal Point Devon Rex) joined our household. He’s a total lapcat and charmer; he loves the attention he gets from the girls (the resident female cats). Hoping that he’ll sire lovely kittens for my cattery.

After months of asking (more like begging) the management for a new laptop, they finally gave in. I wasn’t asking for anything fancy, although I requested for something with a bigger screen. With my poor eyesight, I think a good size screen is a must. I was quite surprised to see that they got me a new Macbook Pro 17″. 

The new windows been installed, found out later that paint and finishing touches were not included in the package. After carefully looking into what’s left of my 2006 property tax return and digging in to my personal bank account, I was able to squeeze in a couple more dollars for the paint and stucco wall finish. We settled for a lighter cream paint (thanks to my father, for kindly filling in as a painter), to compliment the neigbourhoods theme. Next project, the frontyard landscape (hope I still have money left).

In an attempt to cheer a lonely heart, my family and friends tagged me along to go river rafting with them. I wasn’t in the mood for an adventure, but I was glad I came along. It was wild, energizing and lots of fun! Less the scratches and insect bites. We’re going for Level 2-3 rafting the next time we get a chance.

The Bad Side of May. Where do I start? In as much as I wanted my life to be happy all the time. Bumps and hurdles along the road, do get along the way. As my mom said “it’s but natural.”

I think I need to find myself another job. I’ve been unhappy since the management merged our department with the business office. (Don’t get me wrong) I’m grateful to still have a job. But I should have known better;  have to buzz my ass twice as hard to catch up on deadlines and deal with sluggish people (who’s fond of making excuses). I wanted my old team back (so bad), I miss them so much. I work better with them around. I should have opt for the separation package when I had the chance. But I was a chicken, I didn’t want to let go of security. These past couple days, I’ve been doing revisions on my resume and browsing online for companies (big or small Corporate America is fine with me)  in need of accountants (but I personally prefer city or county openings). Hope I’ll find that dream-job soon! (if it exist in this lifetime) 

Days before the Memorial week end, I found out from a friend that Aaron (Scott’s Ex-BF) was back in town. I wasn’t alarmed when I heard the news, but I felt a twitch in the head; enough to light up my suspicions. You see, Scott has been missing days from work. I’d like to assume that he was just sick, but when I called him; he said he’s fine. From his trembling voice, my intuitions kick in — he’s been seeing Aaron again. All along I played the role of a dumb-ass, I knew he was Scott’s true and only love (corn-ish but true). There never was an us, it has always been Aaron & Scott. I kept my suspicions to myself, thinking that I might be wrong or letting my emotions and imagination run wild. But the truth revealed itself in the flesh. I was right and it hurts so bad. There’s nothing more fatal than the truth stabbing you straight to the heart — unbearable pain. I was mad (fuming) at them and cried for days. But it was my fault, to hold on to something borrowed. There’s nothing else left to do, but to let him go.

” Love in my life is like a sand, I gave it care and attention. Then a strong gust of wind sifts it through my hand, I lose yet again. “



  1. banggigay · June 5, 2007

    wow a macbook pro 17″ would look hottie on my desk! been wantin’ to upgrade to the new gen of mac, but i can’t seem to give up yet the old ibook. not that i dont want to, but…budget, budget, budget 😦

  2. sardonicnell · June 5, 2007

    thanks bangge! this macbook pro is really nice. i just got lucky, my boss has good taste. hehehe! luckily, i get to keep this laptop regardless if i still work for our company. sweet!

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