Just Relax

Scott came over last night and stayed a couple hours. I wanted for him to sleep over, but he has to see patients early today. After dinner and watching some random shows on TV, he got up and said he had to leave. But before he drove off, he asked me if I wanted to get a massage. Of course, I gladly said yes!

My massage was scheduled at 12 noon with this very good looking massage therapist. He looks like a guy on the cover of some sort of male magazine (GQ or Mens Health). Anyhow, Scott smiled at me while Derek (massage therapist) was walking me into one of the suites. I think Scott planned all this, very well. He knows I don’t like men giving me massages (except for Scott, of course), but he intentionally scheduled my appointment with a guy. It may sound weird, but I just don’t like men touching my body; makes me tense rather than feeling relax.

The massage was a full hour and it went well. Maybe I shouldn’t have any pre-judgement about this whole massage thing with a guy. To be very honest, Derek was gentle and extremely friendly. Instead of falling asleep, we were conversing most of the time. It wasn’t awkward like I imagined. I was so impressed, he found my sore spots (which Scott couldn’t) and even taught me some stretching exercises. I got out of the room, feeling much better and ready to go back to bed. It was that good!

Scott gave me a spinal adjustment after and told him how I like Derek (his massage techniques). Of course, Scott gave me the speech and the “I told you so” look. It was enough to make me laugh out loud. Before I left the clinic, Derek was at the reception window getting ready to leave as well. He smiled and I went up to him, I said “thank you” and gave me a big hug. Needless to say, I made another appointment with Derek for another full hour massage two weeks from today.

It was a relaxing experience, but Scott would say it differently — it was flirtatious!

Postscript: Found out that Derek is happily engaged with a beautiful pinay (a sister, kaya di talo!) This puts a stop to my fantasy (Hahaha)


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