Going Gaga over Soap Operas

Soap Operas, my other manic-depressive fixation. (Finally admitted it! Hahaha)  I get mad at myself whenever I miss an episode. (Know it’s crazy, but I am!)  This is probably one the reasons why my life is so melodramatic. But I like it, couldn’t careless if my siblings and peers says “that’s just pitiful!” or “my, don’t you have anything better to do.”  Oh well, I’m addicted; so I’ll just do “dedma-lou.”  (Pretending to be nonchalant…)

Daytime Epiphany : I remember my college days, when I’d rush going home and miss night classes just to watch “spanish-translated-to-tagalog” soap operas like “Marimar” and “Maria la del Barrio.” (Hahaha, my dear friends — raise your hands if you’re guilty!)  Don’t you just love Thalia! (What’s the name of the talking dog?)

” It takes a rather special sort of person to follow soaps. You have to be highly intellegent (to understand them) and as thick as a brick (to want to).”

-Alan Coren-


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