Beef Taken

Was watching a show on Food Network couple days ago, something about a Hawaiian Wedding. They were serving this Korean Style Filet Mignon, I was salivating from start to finish. [ Forgive me, I’m just a sucker for good meat ]

Yesterday, I rushed to Albertson’s to grab some stuff for dinner. I was thinking of buying roasted chicken and top that on Caesar Salad. Passed by the meat section [on the way to the cashier] and saw the Filet Mignons were on sale, how often do we see that? Then I remembered the recipe from that show I saw. Next thing, I said “Four pieces please” and that was it. Treat myself and my siblings for some Korean inspired dinner. Most of the ingredients are readily available in my pantry [less the Filet Mignon, of course.] I cooked the fillets medium rare and it was divine! My siblings have to agree with me as well [they have to, dinner was on me — duh?] They were looking for another piece, but only have enough per person. It was that good! Left begging for more… [Hahaha]

 X’cess: Attention all domestic gods, goddesses and 30-minute meal chefs. You may want to grab a copy of “Everyday with Rachel Ray” magazine. It has tons of easy and yummy recipes…


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