They Say Weird, I Say Beautiful

I always have a room for one more poor creature, be it a cat, dog, reptiles or critters. So it wasn’t stranged at all when I have pets running around the house. Have eight (8) cats of my own and another I am fostering, so we’re one big family here. I get different reactions from people from having cats, but to close friends and family; no reaction! I’m simply known as “Taong Pusa” (english translation for a cat person.) The guy they ask for when they have cat related questions.

Not too many people I know like cats. Most would say they’re weird creatures, but I say… they’re beautiful !



  1. maiomai · May 16, 2007

    Wow they’re so pretty Nell! We had a lot of cats din in Manila — we started with 1 but then they just kept coming. Everyones fixed now, thankfully.

    More pics please

  2. sardonicnell · May 16, 2007

    thank you maiomai, thanks for the kind words. most of my cats are already fixed and beloved pets. but i kept 2 females and 1 male intact for show/ breeding purposes; and spay/neuter them after. i show my cats under cfa on week ends, thats my other passion. i’ll post some more pix, will get them from my other pc. hehehe. thanks again and God bless!

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