The Linguist Side of Me


I like making up my own words, why? I really don’t know. Maybe I was a thwarted linguist in my past life or I’m just plain outlandish. So here are some words I often use, so you won’t find yourself lost-in-translation when we’re having a conversation.

Chuchis [pronounced choo-cheese] – meaning excess fat, love handles, bilbil (in pinoy lingo); i.e. “Girlfriend, your chuchis are showing from wearing that smaller size shirt.”

Do-Me-A [pronounced doo-mee-aah] – meaning push over, someone unable to resist an attraction or appeal,  easily cheated or deceived; i.e “Would you stop being a Do-Me-A, it’s outrageously pathetic.”

Ghetto Fabulous [pronounce ge-toe-fab-u-lose] – meaning inferior, faulty or unpleasant; i.e. “This defective paper shredder is just ghetto fabulous.”

Sloppy Joe [pronounced sla-pee- jo] – pertains to a caucasian guy, white guy (without stereotyping) or an average looking guy; i.e. “There’s really nothing attractive about him, he’s just a sloppy joe.”

Samantha [pronounce sa-man-tah] – pertains to a transvestite, men dress like women or a woman who looks like a man; i.e. “That guy looks so Samantha!”



  1. Jen · May 14, 2007

    hi there, hopped on over from mai’s blog.

    love the chuchis and samantha!

  2. sardonicnell · May 14, 2007

    thanks for the kind comment, jen! i’ll try posting more of my homemade vocabulary in the future. thanks for visiting my blog! i hope it’s alright if i add you to my blogroll. God bless!

  3. Apols · May 15, 2007

    Hey, youre a very good writer!!! 🙂

  4. sardonicnell · May 15, 2007

    thank you, apol. thanks for the kind comment and visiting my blog!

  5. maiomai · May 16, 2007

    Nell I call your chuchis — bill blass. Like “Hey you better stop eating your bill blass are spilling out of your shirt”

    Meron ako “badar” — the ability to pick the most baduy item in the store and buy it. “Gad she’s got the most amazing badar — sale na nga sa “insert name store here” and she got the only flourescent shiny leggings there was.

  6. sardonicnell · May 16, 2007

    hello maiomai, it’s nice making up words noh! hehehe. i’ll use your “badar” hah, im sure my friends ill have a blast when they hear this word. btw, hope it’s alright if i add you to my blogroll. God bless!

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