” Art-ish “

This “blogging thingy” is driving me crazy (positive though).  Writing down my thoughts has been a medium for me to “exhale” — truly therapeutic.

Surfing the web and reading other peoples “blog” entries is my latest fixation. Learning that emotions is 100% human and what makes us unique creatures. Anyhow, enough drama! [This is my entry on Happy Thoughts, duh!]

I visited a friends “blog” and right away — I was art struck! I’m no artist or guru, but the images are surreal. These wonderful photographic materials are absolutely amazing! I’ve never seen pictures that comes alive right before my eyes. See it for yourself, to see is to beleive; isn’t it?

My heartfelt thanks to Jong & Abby, you photos make me want to be an Art-ish! [Just like you guys…]


  1. abbyG. · May 11, 2007

    eeek, we’re not artsy at all! those photos pale so much in comparison with others, i feel hiya tuloy, hehe.

    anyway, thanks for viewing na din!

  2. sardonicnell · May 11, 2007

    abby, the pix you took were amazing noh! no reason to feel hiya. di kasi ako artistic na tao, kaya art-struck madalas ang beauty ko. but to naked eyes, your photos are fab!

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