Slow Mode

For someone who’s busy 24-7, getting sick was my biggest fear. It’s very seldom that I get ill, but I am stuck in bed once I get the bug. Last Thursday, I felt some sort of throat pain. I gargled some salt water and thought it would go away. Friday, I started coughing and bought OTC meds; thinking it would get rid of my cough. The week end was bad, I lost my voice. I was alarmed, I knew I needed to do something.

I called my primary care doctor Monday morning, and like every given Monday; I should have known that I wouln’t be able to get in to see a doctor. It’s always been like this in the healthcare/ medical field. We expect the worse booking for patient appointments on a Monday and Friday.  I wouldn’t be able to see Dr. Cranley till Wednesday afternoon. Tuesday, I decided to work half day. Gladly our director agreed and I went home; work on my reports from my bed. Thank heavens for remote access!

Wednesday at 2:15 pm, I went to see Dr. Cranley at Kaiser Health Clinic. After a short interview, listening to my lungs and a series of test at the Pulmonary Laboratory; it was finally confirmed. This was no simple bug, the results says that I have bronchitis paired with sinus infection, cough and probably asthma. This couldn’t be better! I have the combo diagnosis. Per doctors advice, I was asked to stay home for a couple days and take the precribed medications.

So now, I’m here in my bedroom. Glued to my bed and drowsy from all these medicine I am taking. I hate being in slow mode…


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